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La Firenze Card coute 50 euros et est valide pour 72 heurs, vous permet d'enter dans les plus importants musées de Florence, compris Les Uffizi, Musée de l'Accademia, Palais Pitti et Palazzo Vecchio et vous donne accés libre à tous le transports publiques.
Renseignements sur tous les musées statales de Florence (Les Uffizi, Musée de l'Accademia, Palais Pitti, Chapelles Medici, etc.)
Info about museums mananged by the Florence Town Hall (Palazzo Vecchio, Santa Maria Novella, Marino Marini Museum, Cappella Brancacci, etc.)
Special card for students under 26 years of age: Amici degli Uffizi (Friends of the Uffizi), free entrance for a year to all State-owned museums and galleries for 40 euros.
Hours and tickets for all museums.
Fratelli Alinari, Photography Museum.

Information pratique
Florence Bus System
A guide to travel by train in Europe
Student travel worldwide
How and where to park your car in Florence
The official website of the city of Florence
Taxi   -
International Student Identity Card

The procedures for obtaining a visa for Italy

The websites of the airports where you will also find all the airlines that have flights to Florence or on nearby airports




Shuttle de Bologna Airport à Florence city centre

Meeting places for foreign students
Students can meet other students from Italy and elsewhere in the Casa della Creatività, a meeting point/study area/cafeteria for university students. There you can find also an office run by the City Hall called Informagiovani, which keeps students up-to-date on the latest happenings and opportunities in Florence:

Vicolo Santa Maria Maggiore 1
Tel. 055 218310
Wi-Fi gratuit. Ouvert: Lundi-Vendredi, 18:00 - minuit