Interior Design - Diseño de Interiores

The course takes place at an important Architecture and Interior Desgin studio in Florence, where students can work on real projects in close contact with professionists in the field.
Through research, development of ideas, design of spaces and furnishings, the Interior Design course will provide students with the knowledge necessary to work independently in the interior design sector.
Theoretical and practical lessons are combined to provide students with a 360-degree knowledge of the subject.
Studens do not need to have pre-requisites to participate in the course, but the classes are made of a limited number of participants, so as to allow everyone to be followed adequately.

The course can be attended for a minimum of one month. 

Starting dates for short courses and semestral course: first week of each month (except January, August, December).
Starting dates for Academic and Master courses: first session on the second week of September / second session on the second week of January.

Antes de solicitar los cursos de Arquitectura y Diseño de interiores, es necesario consultar sobre su disponibilidad en el período de asistencia elegido.

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Interior Design - Diseño de Interiores

Semanas key
4 1200.00€ 1700.00€ 2350.00€
8 2200.00€ 2850.00€ 3450.00€
12 2850.00€ 3750.00€ 4750.00€
48 5990.00€ 7350.00€ 9850.00€
96 11990.00€ 14590.00€ 19190.00€

Students will participate in the activities of the study, working on real customers’ projects and trying to understand and interpret their requests.
After having acquired a good understanding of the customer and caught the spirit of the workplace, we will try to elaborate the three fundamental elements of the composition: Construction, Function and Beauty.

An architect or desinger is first and foremost a draughtsman. Students will therefore try to improve their skills with sketching sessions in different places of Florence such as Piazza Santa Croce, Forte Belvedere, Cantine Antinori, Cappella Pazzi, Piazza Santissima Annunziata and many others in different cities.
They will also work on technical drawing at the studio.

Students will be introduced to Florentine Renaissance art also through lectures in the city and other places in Italy.
The history of design course looks at the development of furniture design over the centuries, with special regard for the past sixty years. In particular, the work of famous designers such as Philippe Stark, Mario Bellini, Achille Castiglioni, Enzo Mari, Alvar Aalto and Jean Nuovel will be analyzed.

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