Art Therapy

The Art Therapy Course of the Leonardo da Vinci Academy of Florence aims to develop our creativity through various art techniques such as painting, sculpture, collage and mixed media. The purpose of the course is to create a recreational space in which experience the blocks our creativity. The course offers a practical experiential methodology in which first-person experiments with different techniques. The course aims to convey the participants the importance of living the creative process without being affected by the proceedings, leaving to our creativity flow freely. For this purpose we use both artistic techniques and art therapy techniques in group, individual and couples dynamics, without entering, however, in a purely therapeutic context, but creating a secure environment of respect where you can learn and flow with our creativity. 

The course consists of private lessons that are held for 1 or 2 participants.

Lessons can be booked through the Private Lessons section in the online application form.

Art Therapy


Themes of the lessons:
- Emotional Painting
- Life Collage
- Your Mask
- Self-portrait
- Contrast painting
- Instinctive Painting
- Creating a Totem
- Be a camera

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