Interior Design Course

Interior design is a profession that incorporates research, concept development, space planning, construction and design management, as well as furnishings and use of materials.

The course of Interior Design is held inside an international architecture and interior design firm, one of the 10 best in Florence, and can be attended for a minimum of one month, in three modes: 6, 12 or 18 lessons a week. Classes run n the afternoon and the number of students in each class is strictly limited so that everyone can receive the personal attention needed to reach a high level of professional ability and to develop their innate qualities.

Theory, lessons and design practice are combined together just like a continuous workshop. As in the real job, the student will work on the project as an artisan, working with sketches, handmade drawings, models, and 3d computer graphic in order to achieve a total vision of the profession. Expert teachers will guide students through studying the main subjects of architecture and design. The courses take into account the results of the most important international academic research with testimony from world famous designers and architects.

Lectures, critics, dialogs and visits about art, philosophy and current affairs and the latest tendencies in design and architecture will help traditional lessons and workshop. Our idea of school is similar to the Latin “studium”, where students can talk, work together and improve themselves, finding their personal reality and hence, their path through life.

But why studying in Florence? Because living here and learning from a very important Italian “school” of art and architecture is a unique, amazing and professionally important experience. Florence is the theatre of an endless lesson where the city is a silent teacher, able to speak to the mind and soul of the student.

Art is the first source of inspiration for an interior designer: art as scientific research, to know and understand the way of thinking and seeing the world in different historical periods. It’s no coincidence that the firm is located in “Via degli Artisti”, a district known for its history of artistic production in Florence. The work and teaching concept of this important Interior Design and Architectural firm, is always sustained by research and knowledge in artistic area, inspired by the immense artistic production in the Florentine Renaissance and all over the Italy.

Additional module : Design Field Trip
Short workshops will be placed in the most important places of Florence, Tuscany and entire Italy. These design field trips will give to the student an amazing and exiting experience: living, knowing and planning into the beautiful historical Italian context. Here the student will plan his personal contemporary project facing the historical architecture. 

All Design field trips are not included in tuition fees. They will be billed separately.  All design field trips are optional, but the school recommends students to participate as each trip complements the course.

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