Architecture Course

Studium Architecturae, selected among the 10 most influential international studies of architecture of Florence, hosts and organizes the architecture workshop. The student has the opportunity to choose three types of course in relation to the variable number of hours per week, and the duration of the course, for a minimum of one month up to eight months. The international activities of Studium Architecturae allows students to work on real projects in close contact with professionals in the field of architecture, design, art and companies from Italy and abroad. Students are carefully selected and the total number is limited to allow everyone to be followed professionally to develop skills and high-level competencies.

Architectural theory, lectures, design practice and real jobs are combined together to provide a comprehensive and complete preparation for studente. Sketches, technical drawings, models, digital design and 3D modeling are the fundamental tools of the discipline, by which the student develops his study program to approach to the project and work out his growth and critical sense. A team of experienced teachers will accompany students throughout the course in the study of the fundamental disciplines, using the most avant-garde academic research in architecture, still taking into account the historical tradition.

Lectures, readings, screenings, literary discussions, philosophy, art exhibitions, site visits, enrich the educational offer, trying to stimulate the growth and the cultural background of the student, developing a broader view on the world of architecture. As in Latin "stadium", students are stimulated to work together, discussing and debating. 

Live and know Florence is a unique experience, a true great school of art and architecture. It is a continued open air lesson where the city is a silent teacher who speaks to the hearts and minds of students. Here the Italian architectural tradition meets the best contemporary architecture.

For an architect art is the primary source of study and inspiration. Through artistic research conducted over the centuries, it is possible to know and understand the way of thinking and seeing the world. Studium Architecturae chose his own office in Via degli Artisti-18, a well-known and famous street for artistic production. Our professional research and didactics is based on the knowledge and understanding of the art history and inspired by the Renaissance Florentine and Italian artistic production.

Additional modules

During the course short workshops will be organized in the most important and significant locations in Florence, Tuscany and Italy. Through these workshops, the students will be confronted with the architectural project in the beautiful Italian historical context. This will be an opportunity to think and study the relationship between contemporary architectural lexicon and architecture and urban planning history. These workshops are not included in the course price and are optional, but the school recommends that students participate, since each trip is an important step for the training.

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